Monday, March 12, 2007

Made the switch.

Well, as the title says I've made the switch... to what though you ask?

My own domain! As I right this my domain is not registered so there is nothing to see but a "Cannot be found" page. That should change by in the next day or two.

I've already got Wordpress installed so, I got that over and done with. It was very easy to do since my web host ( uses Fantastico which enables you to install Wordpress (and other nice features) without doing anything but putting in a bit of info. It literally took seconds to complete.
My site will also be used to host my online portfolio that I need to start working on. It's so hard to find time with so many projects on the go for school. I'll try to get a layout done asap and get my best work up.


David Airey said...

Looking forward to seeing the new blog up and running. :)

munir said...

Looking forward to it :) Once it's up and ready for public viewing, make a post at the creativity club. regards, Moonaire.

Dinner said...

Thanks! Still working on everything now :)

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Anonymous said...

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